It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences. – Audre Lorde


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5 Things to Know About Cultural Anthropology

Like myself, I am pretty sure we all have a special place on the vast expanse of what seems a timeless place, that you hold close to your heart. I have spent the past year and a half asking myself deep meaningful questions about what makes me the way I am, who am I, and…More

Consumerism Culture – Bag it Melaway

What is Consumerism? You might find yourself guilty of today’s topic, battling your way through a society that is programmed to capture your attention in the exchange of profit. How do you fight your way through the rampage of advertisements sending whispers to buy that dress, new game console, or new pair of shoes for…More

What happened to next in fashion? – Bag it Melaway

A little insider on one of our favorite shows to stream on Netflix! The contestants brought their A game and made beautiful fashion designs. Dive in… What is next in fashion? In case you missed it, well it does not seem to be coming back anytime soon. Next in fashion is a reality tv show…More

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